Gia pantel ne parathyre te gigess kerken tive,
gia pantel giasste ne drome te me thousse te te thome.
Αρβανίτες, Λίμνες, Αργολίδα

"Panagias kat' Hchisis - anagnosis II" [Virgin Mary’s cat’ Echism - perusal II]

Saturday 20 December 2014 - 8:00 p.m.

Papadimitriou Theatre - Chalkida

organized by: Research Centre of Greek Singing [ER.K.E.T.]

ERKET - 2014.12.20 Panagias kat Hchisis - Anagnosis B


The Byzantine Choir: Association of Evia's Byzantine Chanters "Papa-Giorgis Rigas"

conductor: Georgios Gerogiannis


The Vocal Ensembles of Greek Traditional Singing: "Adontes en Chalkidi" & ER.K.E.T.

conductor: Paraskevi G. Kanellatou


participate in music presentation

Panagias kat' Hchisis - anagnosis II


with Psalms from Hymnal of Christmas' Feast
with Carols and Christmas Songs from the Greek popular musical culture.


kindly supported by

the Holy Metropolis of Chalkis, Istiaia and the Northern Sporades




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