Rusa kosa yimom, fibichki si nemam,
zemi mena, porvo lube, i ya da yimam.
Πομάκοι, Ξάνθη, Θράκη

Research Centre for Greek Singing [ER.K.E.T.]

The process of traditional folk singing is one of the most important forms of human contact and expression. ERKET has been founded in order to promote scientific research and study of the cultural phenomenon of traditional folk Greek singing. The undertaking and organizing research programs and research missions directly or indirectly concerning the study of the specific cultural phenomenon is amongst the basic aims of ERKET. The creation of archives of traditional folk Greek singing such as: discography, libraries, research sound records, photographs and cine films are also main tasks within the research framework of ERKET.

The organization of scientific educational programs, seminars and lectures concerning our knowledge of the Greek traditional folk singing plays one of the most important parts in the educational activities of ERKET along with inviting acclaimed musicians and trainers from Greece and abroad, people involved in Greek traditional folk singing to participate in lectures, master classes, seminars and events organized by the Centre.  The formation of vocal ensembles which perform the different types of Greek traditional folk singing, the education and training of soloists and also teaching and applying vocal techniques and musical/musicological knowledge are also some of the basic aims of the Centre. Lastly, there will be classes offered interacting and offering feedback to the process of traditional folk singing (dance, theatre, musical instruments).

Within the framework of its cultural activities, ERKET includes organising festivals, entertainment events/ performances / presentations (e.g. music/drama performances, presentations of scientific documentaries, book exhibitions and music publications etc.), supports the participation of soloists and music ensembles to events, performances and festivals in Greece and abroad and publishes music and cinema productions.


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