Rusa kosa yimom, fibichki si nemam,
zemi mena, porvo lube, i ya da yimam.
Πομάκοι, Ξάνθη, Θράκη

002. Kethea en Drasei en

Educational Scholarships 2013-2014


The Research Centre for Greek Singing the Fall of 2013, started a cultural collaboration in education and training level with the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals "Kethea en Drasei" (Kethea in action). The objectives of this collaboration are: a) the social, educational and vocational rehabilitation of the Kethea members, b) the cultivation of their skills, c) the offering of quality entertainment, d) the proper managing of their leisure time and e) the formation of cultural identity.

For the teaching period: October 2013 - June 2014, the ER.K.E.T. offers in five (5) members of "Kethea en Drasei", which were selected by their tutors, educational scholarships (free entry and participation with reduced fees) in courses of their choice.


Program Officers

KETHEA en Drasei: Eirini TsaleraER.K.E.T.: Vivi G. Kanellatou


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