Tu madre kuando te pario i te kito al mundo,
korason eya no te dio para amar segundo.
Σεφαραδίτες, Θεσσαλονίκη, Μακεδονία

Research Centre for Greek Singing [ER.K.E.T.] - Field Research

Research Centre for Greek Singing [ER.K.E.T.] organized by pernament or external associates field researches about "Greek Singing". Samples of the missions will be published online.

Researchers interested in collaboration with the ERKET could send their research proposals to ERKET's e.mail: info.

1st Field Research 2013-2014

"Neo Monastiri, Domokos"

Research Aim: Women Singing of Greek Refugees from "Megalo Monastiri" (голям манастир) and "Mikro Monastiri" (малък манастир), North Thrace (Anatoliki Romilia).

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